Session: Lazy Development: One Line Wonders for Domino Applications

Rob Novak

Room 2 on 09/19/2008 from: 01:30:00 PM to 02:30:00 PM

Let's face it, Rob Novak is lazy. Not only does he have Viktor do most of the heavy lifting, he also wants things so simple he can explain it on stage with one line. Some of the examples here, as seen in The Great Code Giveaway each year at Lotusphere, are just that - one line of code added to a Domino application to add serious functionality to forms, views, and multi-database applications. This session is a rapid-fire tour through Dojo toolkit integration into Domino, starting with easy concepts and working up to a complex modification of Domino views. You'll come away with an appreciation for laziness, all of the code seen on stage, and quite possibly some killer ideas for your own applications.