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Binary Tree
Binary Tree offers a suite of analysis, coexistence and migration tools for Notes/Quickr and Microsoft Exchange/SharePoint. We also offer administrative tools to facilitate Domino Domain consolidations/splits, server consolidations, user recertification and Notes Desktop updates. Analyze all of your messaging/applications around usage, design, content, security and much more. Upgrade to Notes 8 and migrate to Quickr with confidence. We also offer professional services around our tools or any IBM/Microsoft technology to help augment your staff.
Research In Motion is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative wireless solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution provides a complete wireless platform that allows organisations to extend the benefits of their Lotus Domino messaging and other enterprise applications.
Cooperteam Software covers a wide scope of critical Notes requirements. Different solutions for different requirements: Cooperteam MFA: Today’s corporate messaging is key to business success. A full understanding of your messaging system is an absolute must. Security, reporting, SLA’s, billing, capacity planning and email user behavior are some elements CooperTeam MailFlow Suite covers.
Cooperteam DeskTop Manager: Audit and make high level changes on your Notes clients from a central location.
Cooperteam DeskTop Manager Project:
Key capabilities include :
An intuitive user interface that is purpose-built for managing complex consolidation and migration projects.
The ability to visualize the entire process, enabling you to know where, how far your project has progressed, and what is left to do.
The ability to ensure your project has 0 impacts to end users during the migration or consolidation process.
The ability to dramatically reduce project costs and risks by providing a high level of operational control
InfoNSF: Audit and scan Notes databases and keep those application servers healthy.
Intuitive Document Management. Simple idea, but why does it often feel simplistic?
Intuitive Workflow should be flexible, dynamic – and actually drive work.
Intuitive Design should enable IT to ‘Do more with less’, delivering results over and over again.
Intuitive should be so inclusive it’s ready to serve – not push you into countless workarounds.
Intuitive User Experience: People simply ‘get it’
Intuitive should be natural – not take weeks to learn, customize, develop, deploy, or use.
Intuitive Document Management. The Simple idea delivered by Docova – the web app framework for Collaboration, Document Management and Workflow apps.
Elsmore Creative Marketing
A progressive forward thinking company committed to helping business owners add value to their company by providing inspired and original creative marketing and promotional material. Elsmore Creative Marketing has considerable experience in the Information Technology sector having helped companies to create and establish their brand identities and to then secure a strong presence in a very competitive market.
GEDYS IntraWare
GEDYS IntraWare GmbH, as leading supplier across Europe, provides solutions for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) based on IBM Lotus Notes Domino. The GEDYS IntraWare 7 product line includes a complete suite for customer care and comprises of efficient tools for Sales, Marketing and Service. GEDYS IntraWare 7 has been honoured with the IBM Lotus Award 2008 for the Best TOTAL Lotus Software Solution worldwide.
Genius Project4Domino
2008 Lotus Award Winner for Best Mid-Market Solution, Genius Project4Domino is an easy-to-use Lotus Notes and web-based project management solution that provides a virtual workplace to manage projects and processes involving both internal and external team members. In addition to project planning and Gantt charting, Genius products support all phases of a project as well as the management and sharing of all relevant documents, blueprints, design sketches, spreadsheets and more. Users can take advantage of an array of graphical display options, management dashboard views, and reporting features as well with one stand alone system. Genius Inside also recognizes the importance of being able to incorporate existing project data into new implementations, therefore Easy Microsoft Project data export facilities are included so minimal downtime is required for project teams.
Group Technologies
GROUP Technologies is a leading provider of secure, process-oriented, legally compliant e-mail management solutions. Companies can centrally integrate email communication into their business processes and at the same time ensure that the entire e-mail process remains in compliance with current governmental and industrial regulations. GROUP‘s core solution iQ.Suite provides a powerful and flexible infrastructure for processing, storing and managing e-mail from its creation to its disposal. Its comprehensive functionality includes virus and spam filtering, data and content scanning, encryption, classification, automated archiving and intelligent retrieval of e-mails and their attachments.
HADSL specialise in the automation, integration and delegation of all user and group management across Lotus Domino, Active Directory and BlackBerry. This means that you can delegate all your day-to-day user management to someone on the helpdesk (or even HR!), confident that only what YOU allow will be implemented, whilst increasing security. A real time-saver for your Domino environment.
At IBM, we strive to lead in the invention, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, storage systems and microelectronics. We translate these advanced technologies into value for our customers through our professional solutions, services and consulting businesses worldwide. IBM UK has a long-standing business, technological and social heritage in the UK. We are committed to innovation and helping clients to seize competitive advantage by transforming themselves into on demand enterprises. In addition, we are proud to be a progressive employer.
Integra for Notes allows users of IBM Lotus Notes to integrate their Notes data with Microsoft Office and/or IBM Lotus Symphony providing reporting and mail merge facilities and integrating their Office documents into their Notes business processes.
The product family enables data analysis, printing, graphing, mail merging as well as data importation into Lotus Notes without modifying the design of existing applications and without the need to install files on user workstations.
Integra for Notes allows the sending of reports as Attachments, Notes Rich Text or Document Links and saving of data and/or attachments back into Lotus Notes. Reports can be converted to PDF utilising the IntegraPDF writer licensed with the product.
The products have zero footprint and require no local install:
Integra for Notes – Allows designers to create profiles and deliver insightful reports from multiple, disparate sources including SAP and Oracle etc.
Integra Quick Reports – For end users to easily create truly ad-hoc reports with field mapping to display easily recognisable field names
Integra for Domino Administrators – Pre-packaged Excel based reports for ACL settings, traffic and usage, resource utilization and configuration analysis etc.,
Many enterprises with IBM Lotus Notes® have IT users that rely on Microsoft® SharePoint® for document management and team collaboration. For these IT users, accessing SharePoint document libraries within Notes is a cumbersome, multi-step process that makes it challenging to accomplish the most basic, day-to-day tasks. Mainsoft, an advanced IBM business partner, provides strategic coexistence between Lotus Notes and SharePoint, which is a practical alternative to the steep costs and risks inherent in a migration strategy, and the inefficiencies and frustrations of doing nothing. Mainsoft’s SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Notes software and solutions allow Notes users to: - Access SharePoint document libraries from a sidebar in Notes. - Initiate a Lotus Sametime® chat session from a SharePoint document, and drag-and-drop documents from SharePoint to the Sametime IM client. - Incorporate Notes emails into an enterprise content management solution based on SharePoint. - Build composite applications that integrate data and business logic from disparate systems—SharePoint, Notes and Domino, Java and .NET applications. - And more… With the release of Lotus Notes 8.5, Mainsoft will also federate SharePoint team calendars in Lotus Notes and provide offline access to SharePoint.
Archiving, compliance, and discovery solutions for Lotus Domino. metaLogic’s enterprise-ready solutions will exceed your expectations, not your budget. If you are faced with litigation, governmental regulation, reducing mail file sizes, misuse of email by employees, or the need to enforce email policies then metaLogic has a solution for you. Compliance archiving enables real-time capture, classification, and retention of a single instance of every email that flows through your system. Transparent, rule-driven end user archiving gives you the tools to better manage primary mail storage. Our discovery engine makes it easy to search and find relevant content to support your requirements. For more information please visit www.metaLogic-inc.com or formletfactory.com.
MPS Process
Management services company who deliver innovative solutions that create compelling business advantage – save money and reduce risks. Integrate our expertise and experience with your need to improve business performance – to deliver innovative results. Internet CCM service manages the contract change processes in a leading form of contract for the Construction Industry. An innovative solution that enables a business to embrace change and improve business performance. In use by an extensive range of customers, on civil engineering, power generation and building projects. Service architecture exploits Domino 8 to deliver a SaaS business collaboration workflow solution.
Data Access and Storage (DAS) provides long term access to information extracted from a Domino database. The information is published in ADOBE PDF format. The PDF format is read only and is navigable by internal links, index or search functions.
WebSphere Portal and Lotus ActiveInsight provide further opportunities for innovative collaborative solutions. Deliver access to critical business and performance information.
Oak Ridge Solutions
Oak Ridge Business Solutions simply bring together people and information to improve processes and deliver organizational benefit through the power of sharing knowledge.
We help our clients with managing the changes in their organization, improving their processes, deep data cleansing to deliver trustworthy information and support these with a number of technology enablers.
We are headquartered in the UK, operate out of four countries and have delivered a wide range of cost-effective, fit for purpose solutions, including:
• Global roll-outs of multilingual Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications
• Data warehouses for product and sales analysis
• Micro-financing packages
• Integration of heritage applications to preserve and extend existing investments
• Mobile access
We have developed a number of techniques and software capabilities to support many of our solutions and will be demonstrating some of these at our stand at UK LUG, such as developing for multilingual applications and “Reportals” for secure delivery of trustworthy information.
We specialise in Knowledge Networks and have developed Enterprise Relationship Management solutions that form the foundation of Corporate Memory for several major globally integrated enterprises.
Come and find out more on our stand - we look forward to meeting you.
PAVONE was founded in 1994. Our headquarters are located in Paderborn, Germany. We have subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and the United States. PAVONE is an expert in software based optimization of business processes. Our core competencies are integrated process and project management. PAVONE offers internet standard compliant tools for project, workflow, customer and knowledge management. Using theses tools customers can increase the success of their businesses. PAVONE Education Services teaches users in products and technology. PAVONE Services offers consulting in support, administration and customized development. Our objective is to provide solutions to your business and technology challenges. Our customers benefit from the experience gained in more than 275,600 installations and over 2120 customer projects.
HelpDeskPro from Polymorph, is the NUMBER 1 Service Desk Solution designed specifically for Lotus Notes. If you’re looking for a system that is easy to use but delivers on features, helping you conform to ITIL best practice and standards then HelpDeskPro should be on your short-list. HelpDeskPro is proving to be the system of choice for organizations managing in excess of 10,000 calls per month down to organizations taking only 2 or 3 calls per day - See us at UKUG 2008 and ask us about our Switch for Free offer!
Portal Partnership
Portal Partnership believes that organisations perform better when people are able to access and use the information and knowledge they need, when they need it. Our solutions break down the barriers that prevent the communication, sharing and development of ideas. Social software enables people to find and access the knowledge, experience and information that they need, to organise themselves into teams and communities, and to collaborate regardless of geography, time or organisation. Successful organisations foster a collaborative, innovative culture, which connects people and channels their work and expertise. Our consultants hold over 30 IBM technical accreditations in the Lotus brand, a testament to our expertise and breadth of capability. Our team of Infrastructure consultants can help with upgrades to existing s/w environments or deployment of new technology, whilst our development team is experienced in Web 2.0 and Portal development, and we have a particularly strong focus around design and implementation of bespoke applications to meet your exact business needs. Our Managed Services team is 15 strong, and specialises in outsourced support and management of Lotus Infrastructure. We currently support over 20 customers in the UK, and this number is growing rapidly.
Symantecs market leading Enterprise Vault solution, provides a software-based intelligent archiving platform that stores, manages, and enables discovery of data within your Lotus Domino messaging environment. Because not all data is created equally, Enterprise Vault utilises intelligent classification and retention technologies to capture, categorise, index, and store target data. These comprehensive capabilities enable IT organisations to enforce policies and protect corporate assets while reducing storage costs and simplifying management.

Teamstudio is a software asset management leader that brings enterprise - class control, efficiency and scalability to the Lotus Notes environment. We call this approach Precision Asset Management. We deploy our unique technology, tools and expertise to help IBM Lotus Notes/Domino Users automate key processes, rationalise massive notes infrastructures, enforce security policies and maximise the effectiveness of your development .

Time Technology
Time Technology is 100% dedicated to the provision of solutions and services to the Lotus community. We work hard to help these businesses maximise the value from their IBM Lotus investment. We do this by providing cost effective consulting, delivery and support expertise, and by partnering with a select group of product vendors that have solutions that we believe provide significant business advantage to our customers. We are showing one of these products at this show, Essential Help Desk. EHD is an economic and flexible Lotus Notes/Domino software application with an integrated web portal designed for organisations interested in implementing a collaborative help desk solution. There is no other business application that is a better fit for Lotus Notes/Domino than one designed for help desk use.
Tools4ever is a leading provider of scalable productivity solutions for the system administrator with the main focus on User Provisioning and Life Cycle management, Identity Management, Active Directory Management and employee self service.