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User Management -­ How to improve service and security while reducing costs.
Speakers: Roy Holder Tony Holder Track: Sponsor


User provisioning and management, critical daily tasks that are fundamental to the successful running of your collaboration platforms (Domino, Blackberry and Active Directory) often account for a significant percentage of the daily administration workload. These standard service requests are frequently time critical, requiring a rapid turnover but need manual intervention and process management. Does it make sense to have your highly trained administrator spending a significant amount of their time completing provisioning tasks when they could be focusing on more business critical projects? Join Roy and Tony Holder as they explain to you how the HADSL FirM administration engine will enable you to delegate these tasks in a secured, structured processing environment to either junior admins, your Service Desk, or even your HR Department without giving them administrator access. With integration to your HR System or SPML compliant user management tools (or your own Notes database!) you can allow HR to kick off the user creation / termination process. FirM provides the data for reports that give management critical information (e.g. for SOX, ITIL etc.) relating to the processing, volume and types of requests fulfilled and, most importantly, who processed the request and who authorized it.

Increase security, improve quality of service delivery and reduce overhead, all while reducing costs? It’s not a myth; HADSL FirM can help you achieve it! Let Roy and Tony and HADSL’s customers, show you how. 

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