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Controlling your company's enterprise mobile application experience with Teamstudio Unplugged
Speakers: Paul Mooney Track: Sponsor
The boundaries have been broken in many companies.  With consumerisation of technology, most notably in the mobile space, the IT department is facing the constant onslaught of "why can't I have this on my <insert device-of-choice here!>".  The old fashioned "no" doesn't do the job anymore.  You want them to have their applications, but also in a way you can control.

An Irishman, a domino server and two domino databases walk into a session...

Paul Mooney will take you through Teamstudio unplugged and how easy it is to develop mobile solutions for your users and deploy them in a manageable way, giving them a state of the art user experience with full offline access and administration level control that we have been used to for many years with Lotus Notes.

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