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Taking the fear out of WebSphere
Speakers: Sharon Bellamy Track: Admin and Infrastructure

Taking the fear out of WebSphere

With the free entitlements that are available now (much of which require WebSphere to run) - you may be itching to try them but have been put off by the fear of WebSphere.

"Why should you know a bit about websphere"

Many ICS solutions have WebSphere as a component , now is a great time to dip your toe in the water and get ahead of the game.

As a Domino administrator entry into the WebSphere world can be a little scary. Where is the server document? Do you have an Admin client? How many servers will you need?

Sharon (WebSphere) and Steve (Domino) will run you through an overview on the basics of the terminology, what you need to get started and most importantly how any of it relates to what you know as an experienced Domino admin.

We won't scare you with complicated diagrams (well maybe just the one) but instead do side by side comparisons and some entertaining explanations on how the technology pieces relate.

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