2014 was a great one day event, but lots of people said that you really wanted two days. So here it is, two days in September back in London at the great IBM Client Centre. Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd of September 2015 IBM Client Centre, London More details will follow in the coming weeks.
We have taken the unusual step of sponsoring a different User Group event. Why is that unusual?
Well because we'll want you all to come to our event but we also recognise that Theo Heselmans does a fantastic job of putting on engage over in Belgium or Holland each year.
We wanted to support him in his efforts and it also means that we can tell you all about what the time lines are for ICON UK 2015.

If you are going, then look out for the postcard in your goody bag. If you see Tim Clark or Sharon Bellamy around, then ask them about the event.